Friday 24 February 2012

Walled Garden Progress

A couple of Fridays ago I started on the clearance of a walled garden that had been a wee bit neglected - there are some piccies of it before I started. Well today was the third Friday I have been there so I thought I'd show you how the clearance was going, so here are some pics I took this afternoon.

At the moment it is all about clearing the scrub and trying to see what there is in the garden that is worth saving, as well as collecting lots of old plant labels from the ground to get an idea of what was in the garden previously. Among discoveries so far are a witch hazel, paper bark maple, various viburnum, assorted mahonia, monkey puzzle tree, three flowering currants (two white, one pink), numerous roses, wisteria, lilac, japanese quince, choisya and loads of bulbs. The main problem is finding an area to make a burn pile - I now have three large piles awaiting the lighter.


  1. How interesting! I will be watching to see how this one turns out.

    1. Becky, this will be start/stop project as the owners finaces are tight. I have another 5 days there, taking me to the end of March, but they have something else that they want me to tackle within the same time frame. Have you had a look at my Scotsburn Garden blog - that walled garden was totally abandoned for 24 years.