Friday 10 February 2012

My new challenge !!

Well, today was my first day at yet another walled garden reclamation. Not sure how long this one has been neglected but by the looks of it, quite a while. So for at least the next four Fridays, I shall be gardening by chainsaw !! The photo above shows the wee bridge you have to cross to gain access. The next series of photos will give you a flavour of what I'm up against ! This next photo shows what greets you as you cross the bridge

This next photo shows you what is round the first corner in the "path"

Somewhere in here lies a row of plum trees !

And this one shows a small area not smothered in trees / scrub

And this next one shows the corner of the garden that used to house the greenhouse

And finally, here is the small veg patch that the family used lastyear - to be extended by the area at the front of the photo that I cleared this morning. The ground was still too frozen to dig over but it is a seething mass of nettles and willowherb.

In general, the garden is completely overgrown with the principal culprit being buddleia, which has grown up, bent over, re-rooted, grown up, bent over, re-rooted, grown up, bent over - you get the picture. There are some nice plants that I have spotted in amongst the carnage - witch hazel, bamboo, mahonia, viburnum, paper-bark maple and some pillar roses - no doubt there is still alot to be uncovered though.
Will do a progress report next Friday evening.

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