Thursday 6 September 2012

Chilli Time

Here is this years batch of Spitfire Sauce - I usually have enough to make over 100 jars which I sell locally but due to lack of polytunnel this year, my chilli production has been seriously reduced. However, there are approximately 250 big red cayenne peppers in this batch - seeds'n'all

I still have a heap of Jalapeno Peppers which will be used to make a batch of Hurricane Sauce, which is also a hot chilli sauce but is more of a slow burn at the back of the throat compared to the instant hit of the Spitfire Sauce.

Monday 3 September 2012

Alness Show 2012

Well, I managed to get some exhibits together for Alness Show and benched the on Saturday morning before heading off to work. In all I benched 9 exhibits and came away with 5 red cards and 3 blue ones, so I was very pleased, especially as these were basically the last of my show veg for the year. I got red cards for my Peas (which I was very pleased to win and even more pleased at the comments on how good they were from much more experienced growers than myself),

Runner Beans, (though there were a couple of iffy ones on my board if I do say so myself)

 Broad Beans,

 Potatoes (white)

and long beetroot.- which i somehow managed to miss taking a photo of.

I also won a red card for Sweet Peas (which I entered and staged on behalf of Scotsburn Garden - see my other blog). That's our entry at the rear (12 blooms)

I got blue cards for my parsnips (I did manage to get three that were okay), my potatoes (coloured) and my cauliflower.
There were some excellent exhibits at this show, just a few of which you can see below