Tuesday 7 February 2012

Last of the seeds ordered.

Today I finally got round to deciding that I am not going to re-cover the polytunnel this year and adjusted my seed order accordingly. Having done so, I got on the phone to Shelleys and ordered myself the following.

Cabbage Ramco - James said this is no longer available but suggested Liberator as it's replacement - in for a penny in for a pound so I am now growing Liberator Cabbage;.

Cabbage Tundra - a Savoy that stands amazingly well - I have dug these up from under 3ft of snow and they were almost perfect

Carrot Sweet Candle - nothing needs to be said

Carrot Reselected New Red Intermediate - have more blue barrels this year so thought I'd give long carrots a bash

Cauliflower Raleigh - I couldn't decide between Raleigh, Cornell or Boris so tossed a coin a couple of times and Raleigh it is.

Kale Winterbor - see tyhe comments about Tundra Cabbage - this survived it too

Parsnip Pinnacle - last year Medwyn sent me a packet of Albion in error. I wasn't planning on growing parsnips but I got myself a blue barrel and they turned out okay - this year I'll try a bit harder! Got 4 barrels for these.

Tomato Cedrico - I'll squeeze these into my greenhouse somehow !

Chilli Ring of Fire - can be grown in pots so that sorts out some of my chilli addiction.

If you add the 50 bags of potatoes, 40 kelsae onions 200 onion sets, French beans, Broad beans, Runner beans, Chard, Scallions, culinary leeks, Peas, beetroot then that should keep me going - but I know what I'm like and if I see anything else I'll probably buy some.

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