Saturday 5 March 2011

This week I have been mostly......

Monday & Tuesday - both these days are currently spent in a private forestry plantation crown lifting Norway Spruce to 6 - 7ft to let light into the Nordmann Fir Christmas trees, The crown lifting doesn't take long now that I am using  Stihl chainsaw with a 12" bar so that I can get into the trunks to cut the branches, but the cut branches are then laid out around the Nordmann Firs to both suppress weed growth and to feed the trees and this is what takes the time - only about 155 acres left to do!!
Wednesday at Scotsburn Walled Garden (subject of my other blog) I was weeding the two long herbaceous borders so that I will have more time when the growing season finally starts.
Thursday - Dug over the vegetable beds at Mounteagle Estate and started to rejuvenate the strawberry beds within the fruit cage.
Friday - Clearing the hay feed rings and manky hay from Seafield so that the grass fields can be harrowed and resown where necessary after a hard winter. Started putting sheep netting up along one field boundary to stop neighbouring sheep mixing especially with lambing due to start soon.
Saturday (today) - At Balloan Castle, finished digging over the final veg bed - doesn't sound much but it was left to it's own devices last year and was full of chickweed, dandelions, thistles and couch grass, so was hand dug and weeded as I went. That's all the veg beds done, the courtyard garden finished, the fruit cage done - getting 4 new blackcurrant bushes & 4 new redcurrant bushes to fill gaps in the cage.

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