Tuesday 15 March 2011

Getting Ready

As mentioned in a previous post, my exhibition tatties are chitting away quite happily, the Hative De Niort shallots are sprouting away merrily in the greenhouse, the Setton and Red Baron onion sets are just starting to throw up some shoots, and I have ordered the seeds for the other veg I plan to put into a couple of local shows this year. The seed was all oredered from Medwyn Williams website and should be here anytime now. I have ordered the following;
Cucumber - Carmen
Tomato - Cedrico
Pea - Show Perfection
Carrot - Sweet Candle
Runner Bean - Stenner
Dwarf French Bean - The Prince

I will also grow Beetroot (Pablo) and Broad Beans (Bunyards Exhibition)

As well as this show veg I shall be growing a variety of other veg including cabbages, lettuces, kale, parsnips, chillies, sweet peppers, ying yang beans, standard carrots, chard, cauliflower, beetroot, scallions and leeks.

On the flower front, I will probably try some Decorative and some Pom Pom dahlias for the show and maybe some African Marigolds.

The gardening club (of which I am secretary) is having a class for members only this year and after last nights meeting, I have come home with yet another polypot and a ssed potato, variety Charlotte. The aim in this class is noit the perfect potato but who can grow the heaviest weight of potatoes in their polypot from one seed tuber.

It's my birthday in a fortnight and when the girls asked me what I would like, they were slightly bemused when I asked for 6 bags of compost!

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  1. I like the polypot challenge - good luck!
    We're still waiting for our Red Baron sets to arrive but we have some Bunyards Broad Beans up already with a second sowing popped in this week.
    Hope you get your heart's desire for your birthday...compost! :)