Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Crown lifting Norway Spruce

Just a few pics showing how I spend my Mondays and Tuesdays

Each tree is lifted to between 6 - 7 ft, and as you can see, the cyt branches are then spread round the base of the trees and the rows of young Nordmann Pine Christmas Trees which grow on either side of the "nursery" stock.


  1. I really do like crown lifted trees!!
    I think it is part of my OCD... but they just look so much neater!! :)
    How many in total have you got to crown lift Dave? It looks like there is a pretty large quantity of them to do!!!

  2. Hi Simon
    The forest is about one third Spruce so about 53 acres, but as this is being done primarily for the benefit of the Christmas trees and they are only in three of the six paddocks, I suppose there will be the equivalent of 28 - 30 acres if they were planted in one block - it's a hell of a lot of trees and should keep me occupied for a couple of years anyway!!

  3. Ummm... Okay, I'll be the thickie...what's 'lifted'? I have visions of you pulling the tree upwards, that can't be right? Is it just stripping the lower branches? I could google... Mo

  4. No need to google Mo, you are quite correct - it is just removing all the lower branches

  5. Thank you :)
    I've just done that to a Holly Tree.