Sunday 22 July 2012

Castle Garden July

Thought I'd post pics of  some of the things growing at Ballone Castle in the courtyard garden at the moment.
First offhere are the grapes growing in the greenhouse. Both vines are heavy with grapes and I've already thinned the bunches out once and cut back extraneous foliage - the next step will be the thinning of the actual bunches themselves

Outside we have some pretty impressive cardoon thistles that are between 7 and 8 ft tall and almost ready to produce their lovely purple flowers

And some striking red lilies...

And not to be outdone, the Rambling Rector Rose is giving it loads.....

As are the Floribunda roses......

As I was at Sutherland Show yesterday, I was working at the castle today. I trimmed the hedges in the courtyard garden and then picked in the region of 30 litres (don't ask me what weight but heavy enough) of goosegogs from 5 bushes -- there are another 5 green goosegog bushes to pick
 and four red goosegog bushes too.

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