Thursday 19 April 2012

My Thursday Garden

Continuing my update on the various gardens I look after, here is a short bit about the garden I look after on a Thursday each week. It's at Mounteagle Estate, near Fearn - see link for holiday cottage lets!
It has been pretty wet this week as the following photo shows - this is a trench I opened in prparation for planting first early tatties, but as you can see, the tubers don't need chits, they need water wings !

The owners have just had a wood pellet burner installed to trun the hot water and central heating for the two letting houses and the big house and this entailed a tracked digger going through the garden and digging a track for the pipework. As you can see, this made a bit of a mess at the bottom of the fruit and veg area.

This will be levelled, raked etc and resown with grass but again, we are at the mercy of the weather, and it hasn't been kind. However, the onion sets are in - 50 each of Red Baron, Centurion F1 and Stuttgarter Giant. In addition I have got the root bed sown with 3 rows of Parnip Gladiator, 7 rows of Autumn King 2 and 7 rows of Early Nantes 5.

In the fruit cage, I have tidied up the strawberry beds and planted a load of runners to replace the three year old plants.

I have also managed to get the greenhouse cleared and eadied for this years tomatoes.

Normally, there would be a lot of seed trays in here by now but there is an ongoing rodent problem, which cost over 100 very young sweet peas their lives , so any seeds are now the potting shed.
Elsewhere in the garden, the pear tree is in blossom......

And the apple tree isn't too far behind it.....

And to finish, here are some general views of the garden - the tall tree is a Euchryphia, which looks as though it will be putting on a tremendous display this year if the number of young buds I can see is anything to go by.

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