Friday 2 March 2012

Walled Garden Update

Finally reached the footbridge at the entrance to my Friday garden today, so here are a couple of pics to show what difference there is from when I started a few weeks ago.

Above is the view that you get now when you cross the bridge to enter the garden, and below is what you see when you look along the ditch-side wall..

Below is the view from the first corner of the path - any big heaps of scrub / brush are what has been removed and is awaiting burning, Currently there are 5 very large burn heaps!

This next photo shows the view from the corner where the greenhouse used to be, looking up towards the footbridge - you could see the bridge if it wasn't for two of the large piles of brush /scrub./

I finished the day in search of the plum tree - but it ain't there - though I think it was at one time as there is a large and decidedly dead tree lurking in the middle of all this hawthorn / blackthorn  - this is what I will be clearing next.......

However, I have also been asked to resurrect the border that runs up the side of the drive. It was apparentlyput in six years ago and then neglected due to the arrival of children etc. It is 45m long and varying in width from about 6 ft to 4 ft. There are some plants in situ - I spotted hemerocallis, pampas grass & lupins amongst all the couch grass and daffodils. So if it's dry next Friday I might make a start on this too. Anyway, here are a couple of pics of the border in question, taken from either end.

That's it for tonight. Later.................

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