Sunday 22 January 2012

Feck, Feck, Feck !

Well, after the windiest winter months I can remember, yesterday was by far the wildest day we have had up here, and my polytunnel finally conceded defeat to the elements.
After Finlay phoned me to say there was a tear in one end, I raced over from where I was working in the vain hope of saving it but when I arrived the tear was over the end hoop so could not be repaired.

So I emptied the tunnel of it's contents - pots, trays, modules and a lot of other paraphenalia, transferred everything to the shed, then started to cut away the cover.

This isn't the easiest of tasks in a howling gale as effectively you are holding onto the worlds biggest kite. Anyway it took me about half and hour but the plastic cover is now filling my shed!

At least I'll have plenty of covers for my raised beds and barrels this year!

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