Monday 3 October 2011

Tunnel / Marrow update

Got across to the polytunnel this evening after collecting Niamh from the childminder. We've had very strong winds all afternoon and given that my tunnel has had a big rip in it, albeit smothered in duck tape, I still get very nervous,having lost the first cover several years ago in a wild storm, and keep expecting to see a huge sheet of polythene floating across the skies as I approach the farm. However all was well so we picked some more red Cayenne chillies, some bell peppers, some more tomatoes, 5 cauliflowers and a savoy cabbage.

That brings chillies harvested so far, aftre two pickings to 280, as I can keep count as they get bagged into batches of 20 in preparation for my chilli sauce. Still lots to come though!
I also checked up on the progress of the two marrows - both now have a girth of exactly 1m and are 53 cm and 58cm in length respectively - for those in old money that is a girth of almost 41 inches and lengths of 22 and 24 inches.

Not huge but as long as they look big enough for people to play a guess the weight competition I'm not too bothered as they were pretty much neglected after failing to set any fruit for an eternity. I will probably try again next year but the plants will definitely be outside where they will have all the space they could need or want.

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