Saturday 3 September 2011

Alness Show

This morning, after getting in from work at 2 am I was up 6 and drove over to put in an appearance at the Alness Show which is about 11 miles from me. Whilst I hadn't planned on entering anything at this show, I felt I should support them as some of the Alness boys and girls have entered my local show. Everything was last minute and with the exception of the onions from sets, was picked last night more or less in the dark and in a hurry.

I entered five classes and achiebed placings in them all
Cucumber - 1st
Onions from sets - 2nd
Cherry tomatoes - 2nd
Medium Tomatoes (Red) - 3rd
Runner Beans - 3rd.

Although I thought my onions from sets might place, I didn;t think the rest of my entries would do much, and certainly did not expect a 1st for the cuke, as I personally thought it was too big, but having got the ticket, I am not going to rock the boat and argue with the judge!

All the best known local growers were there and the standard was pretty high - especially in the 20 point veg classes. Best veg exhibit in show went to a set of 3 long carrots but quite a few of us reckoned the set of 3 parsnips from the same grower should have taken it - including the grower himself ! Most points in the Veg classes went to John MacKay from Golspie, whio judged the veg at our own show a couple of weeks back.

The floral displays were exceptional, with Robert Holmes taking the Dahlia titles, his wife Ann taking the Gladioli , David Munro taking the Chrysanths and George Pirie the Begonias.

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