Saturday 23 July 2011

Sutherland Show 2011

Today was the day - Sutherland County Show, just across the water in Dornoch. Although I didn't have a lot of veg ready I did take what I could get together without leaving myself short for our own local show which is next month. Anyway, I ended up taking a cabbage (pointed Savoy type) 3 stems of Rhubarb (variety unknown), six French beans (The Prince) and 3 beetroot (Pablo). These were all entered in the Any Other Veg (Amateur) class as there are only defined classes for potatoes, peas, onions, carrots and leeks, as well as a top tray competition. After placing the exhibits and also distributing some of my own show schedules, myself and my girls went for a wander round the livestock and had a blether with some farming friends, then watched George, one of Iona's pals Dad, doing some demonstration sheep shearing - damn he was quick - I remember doing this when I used to shepherd and it was the one job I really didn't take to.
After lunch we returned to the tent whwre I was in no hurry, but Iona was desperate to see what her old man had won, convinced I would win something, whereas I was convinced I wouldn't. Results in photos below!

First prize with the cabbage

Second Place with the beetroot, regardless that one was a lot larger than the other two

And third place with the rhubarb - result for the crop most neglected by myself all year round!

 However, before I get too carried away, here are some of the winning exhibits from the other classes
Shallots (Hative De Niort)
Carrots (Sweet Candle)

Leeks (Pendle Improved)

Top Tray
I hope that some of these exhibitors will come to our show next month and was talking to quite a few who seemed very amenable to the idea, especially as we have managed to avoid clashing with any other local shows this year. Speaking to a few of them, it would appear that potatoes and onions have not faired teribly well this year up in this neck of the woods for whatever reason, though having daytime temps in the high teens or low twenties and then having it drop to anywhere from 5 - 8 degrees at night certainly has made it tricky.
And just to prove I am not a vegaholic here are a couple of the floral exhibits for you to enjoy
Vase of Garden Perennials

French Marigold Blooms
And finally , here is the NVS stand, manned all day by Neil Drummond, which seemed to attract a lot of attention and signed up quite a few new members from what I saw.
One final word of thanks to JK Ross, show convenor - my girls were delighted that they got ro take home two huge bunches of the cut flower exhibits but even more delighted when John gave them each one of his winning rosettes!

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