Saturday 16 July 2011

Showtime approaches

It is the Sutherland County Show next Saturday, and I have deceided that I should try and enter some veg to support it - especially as their show convenor is going to judge tyhe cut flower and pot plant classes at our local show in August. With that in mind I took a look at one of my 5 bags of Casablanca, contents pictured below
In total there was 2lbs of potatoes, with the largest weighing 3oz, so not quite there yet but I am not too bothered as ther were being grown with 20th August in mind, and anyway, I had them boiled with lashings of butter tonight for my supper and they were really tasty. One good point is that they were really nice and clean with no sign of scab.
As with the spuds a lot of my stuff is being grown with mid to late August in mind, so I don't have too much to chose from, though I will probably enter some globe beetroot (Pablo) and some french beans (The Prince) both of which are good to go from now on.
I also have two caulies left in the tunnel which are ready now but I know they won't keep in there for another week so I'll try cutting them and wrapping them in clingfilm and putting them in the fridge to try and keep them fresh for nest Saturday. This may or may not work but it has worked in the past accorsing to some posts on the NVS forum.
The only other veg I have ready is a pointed Savoy cabbage called Samantha (that's the variety name - I haven't quite reached the stage of becoming so attached to my brassicas that I give them all names, not yet anyway!), and I ahve to say that they look pretty good too.
I have lifted the first six onions to leave them to dry but they are a ways off yet so they're not going on Saturday. I grew the onions from sets (Setton) and they have done pretty well - they were lifted at a diameter of between 10.25 and 10.5 inches.and after four days drting they weigh and average of 230g - though uniformity is more impotant than weight as the class is for onions from sets as opposed to  250g.
Anyway, I'm liiking forward to next Saturday and picking up a lot of advice from the guys who have been growing for show for a long time up here.

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