Monday 9 January 2012

2012 Here We Go

Well, after much consideration I have decided on my 2012 campaign for show growing. I shall be growing the following;
Stump Carrots - Sweet Candle
Long Carrots - New Red Intermediate
Parsnips - Pinnacle
Globe Beetroot - Pablo
Cauliflowers - Cornell
Large Onions - Kelsae
Onions from sets - Hercules, Centurion
Runner Beans - Stenner
French Beans - Ian Stocks reselection
Peas - Ian Stocks reselection of Show Perfection
Broad beans - Heathfield (Frank Taylor)
5 varieties of potatoes (JBA Potatoes)
I will be growing other veg for the family and also at the various gardens I work at. So there will also be culinary leeks, celeriac, assorted salad leaves and lettuce. chillies galore, sweet peppers, PSB, kale, cabbage, sugar snap peas, globe artichokes, jerusalem artichokes, chard and probably many more that have escaped my memory for the moment.
I shall be organising the local show again this year and as well as enetring that, I hope to enter at least 4 other local shows including the Sutherland and Black Isle Shows.
In addition, myself and "ontheplot" from Kinloss are hoping to get a Highland and Moray District Assocaition of the NVS up and running this year.
So there should be plenty to blog about !


  1. Looks like good varieties, I guess it will be a very similar list to many showers as all the top varieties are there
    Good luck for the forth coming year

    1. Cheers Darren. If I can get my long carrots anywhere near as good as yours from last season I will be a very happy bunny !